unsicht-Bar HAMBURG

Taste!   Smell!   Feel!   Listen!

"What darkness is experiencing, the light will never see."

What this Persian proverb only implies, you can experience in the perfect darkness of the dark restaurant "unsicht-Bar" itself.

By voluntarily renouncing the sense of sight, the other senses are highly sensitized and intensified. You will be able to orient yourself without visual signals, while enjoying a menu of exquisite quality.

You will not experience reduction and renunciation in the invisible bar, but a conscious enrichment of the senses.

Fork at 9 o'clock

On the basis of a clock the blind or visually impaired waiters explain to the guests the placement of the objects, so that they can find everything in the darkness. The fork is at 9, the knife at 3 o'clock.

Join us for:

And all this in fully-air-conditioned rooms, which ensure a perfect invisible bar experience.

We look forward to your visit.


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