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You can buy vouchers for download which you can print immediately after you have completed your order.

We offer twelve attractive voucher designs* for different occasions. Your voucher will be accepted in all unsicht-Bar restaurants.

We also offer a voucher printed on carton which can be redeemed only at the unsicht-Bar Hamburg and is available in the restaurant.

Buy vouchers

We have vouchers for 35, 50, 70, 105, 140 and 210 EUR. Our meals have 3 or 4 courses and cost from 41,50 to 59,50 EUR.

If you want to use your voucher in Hamburg these are some examples how to use which values:

Your voucher is always a value coupon. For prices please see Menu and Beverages.

After you placed your order we will send you an email with a link to download your voucher. You will also get the 8 digit code that you need to redeem your voucher. Don't forget to write it down and store it savely. We will accept the code after we received your payment.

The bill will come as a PDF document attached to our mail. If you don't have a German bank account to pay for your bill you can use PAYPAL and send the money to . Please mention the number of the bill, e.g. RECHNUNG 60225-181, when you make your payment. Thank you!

Order vouchers*


Do you still have questions regarding our vouchers?

Our vouchers are sold through the voucher shop of the unsicht-Bar GmbH. Please visit our page Questions?*, which answers the most frequent questions, and the page How to redeem vouchers*.

* If you click one of the links with an asterisk, you are going to leave the website of the unsicht-Bar Hamburg and proceed to the voucher shop of the unsicht-Bar GmbH.

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